E-Liquid Safety Information

General Advice

Electronic Cigarettes are not intended to be used as an aid to quit smoking, however they are becoming an ever growing alternative to traditional smoking.

If you are not currently a smoker, then we highly recommend that you do NOT purchase any Electronic Cigarette or E-Liquid as they are intended for those wanting to switch from traditional cigarettes. Current non-smokers who use E-Liquid products face the risk of developing an addiction to Nicotine.

E-Liquid Safety & Usage Guidelines

  • E-Liquid contains Nicotine which in its purest form is a poison, it is also a very addictive substance

  • E-Liquid MUST be kept out of reach of children & pets

  • E-Liquid is only to be used with Electronic Cigarettes and is not intended for any other purpose

  • E-Liquid should NOT be used by anyone under the age of 18, it is also illegal to sell E-Liquid to those aged under 18

  • E-Cigarettes & E-Liquid should NOT be used by pregnant women

  • If an E-Liquid product is swallowed, or you feel unwell whilst using it then seek medical advice immediately

  • Avoid any contact with skin. If E-Liquid comes into contact with skin then the area should be rinsed with warm water immediately and medical advice should be sought if there is any adverse reaction

  • Avoid any contact with eyes. If E-Liquid comes into contact with the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with warm water and seek medical attention and show them the bottle

  • When re-filling your E-Cig ensure that the bottle nozzle is pointed away from your face and avoid applying excessive pressure to the bottle

  • Ensure that caps are kept on all E-Liquid bottles when not in use

  • Avoid storing E-Liquid in direct sunlight.

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