Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety Information

Electronic Cigarette Battery Care & Safety

Charging Batteries

If you have purchased a starter kit from us, only ever use the charger cable supplied with the kit to charge your battery. Using incorrect chargers can result in battery faults, which may lead to battery explosions and can cause fires. Do not use any mains to USB wall power adapter unless it is specifically designed for charging Electronic Cigarette batteries. For example iPhone plugs should NOT be used.

  • Place batteries on a flat non-flammable surface during charging

  • During charging avoid placing the battery near any potentially flammable items such as carpets, curtains etc.

  • Once the charger LED turns green the battery should be removed from charge

  • Do not leave batteries unattended whilst charging

  • Do not leave batteries charging overnight

  • If the battery becomes very hot or emits a strange smell during charging, power off the charger immediately and do not attempt to use the battery again

General Battery Safety

Electronic Cigarette batteries are made up of electronic circuits and a lithium-ion battery cell. As with all lithium-ion type batteries, great care should be taken when using and transporting them.

  • Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures

  • Avoid carrying in pockets with other metal objects such as keys and coins etc

  • Never use any battery showing external damage

  • Never submerge batteries in water or any other liquid

  • Never use any battery showing any signs of damage, including exposed wires or broken casing

  • Keep battery terminals clean by wiping with a tissue

18650 Batteries

  • When using unprotected 18650 type batteries ensure that the mod you are using them has built in protection for it.
  • Never use unprotected batteries in a mechanical mod as it will most likely not have built in protection.
  • Ensure that the batteries discharge rate is suitable for the mod you wish to use it in.

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