Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An Electronic Cigarette is an alternative to a traditional tobacco cigarette. The user inhales a vapour which provides them with the same sensation of 'smoking'.

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid is what you "vape" it's the the liquid that is placed into an Electronic Cigarette, It is a mix of ingredients that are used to give a particular flavour. All of our E-Cigarettes we sell require E-Liquid.

What strength E-Liquid should I choose?

Whilst personal tastes can vary, we would recommend that anyone who previously smoked 20 regular strength cigarettes a day should start off on a medium strength E-Liquid (around 18mg for our Tobacco flavours). If you currently smoke 30-40 Cigarettes a day then we'd recommend starting off with a 24mg strength. These figures can vary depending on the strength of cigarettes smoked, so should be adjusted if you currently smoke a milder tobacco or "lights" etc.

What flavour should I go for?

Again it's all down to personal tastes, but we would recommend that those who are new to E-Cigs choose a tobacco flavour to begin with. This is to ensure that the switch to Electronic Cigarettes is as smooth as possible, as you will still be getting the "tobacco" taste as well as a nicotine hit. Once you settled with your E-Cig then the range of E-Liquid available is endless, you can even mix different E-Liquid flavours to make a fruit cocktail vape or dilute strengths to suit your tastes.

How do I fill a CE4 Clearomizer with E-Liquid?

To fill a Clearomizer with E-Liquid simply screw off the mouth piece part, then pour your E-Liquid into the Clearomizer making sure that NONE goes into the middle hole. You should be able to see the E-Liquid going into the Clearomizer, fill it up to just below the 1.6ml line (if using a CE4 Clearomizer). Once filled, replace the mouthpiece and then screw the Clearomizer onto your battery. You should allow around 2 minutes for the E-Liquid to be absorbed fully into the wicks before first use.

Do Hangsen E-Liquids require "Steeping" ?

Generally Hangsen E-Liquids are good to use as soon as you receive them, although we have heard reports from our customers that some flavours can taste even better when "steeped".

Steeping is a simple process which you can try by giving the E-Liquid bottle a good shake and then removing the cap and leaving it in a cool, dark place (such as a cupboard) for around 48 hours. Generally with Tobacco flavours the longer you leave it the more fuller and richer the flavours can become. Therefore should you feel a particular E-Liquid is a bit lacking it is worthwhile trying the steeping method as it will help bring out more flavour.

What does the PG/VG ratio of E-Liquid mean?

As a general rule the higher the PG (Propylene Glycol) in an E-Liquid the more throat hit is experienced, whilst the more VG (Vegetable Glycerin) the more vapour is produced. 

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