Hangsen E-Liquid

Why buy Hangsen E-Liquid from us?

Firstly, we are an official and approved Hangsen E-Liquid distributor, see the proof here on Hangsens' own website: http://www.hkhangsen.com/global.html 

Please do not be fooled by imitations or counterfeit Hangsen E-Liquids being sold elsewhere. We feel it's vital to know that the stuff you are inhaling is from a trusted source and that the ingredients are safe.

For information on how to recognise genuine Hangsen products please visit: http://www.hkhangsen.com/communityview-234.html

Finally and probably the best reason to buy from us is our prices are the most competitive around.

​​Why choose Hangsen E-Liquid?

Hangsen are dedicated to make the finest E-Liquid products in the market. They are also the worlds largest E Liquid manufacturer.

Their products have been used and tested by millions of vapers around the world and have been proven to be one of the best brands available.

All our E Liquids are supplied in child proof bottles and come a stamped label showing the date of production and date of expiry.

Only the finest & safest ingredients are used in making Hangsen E-Liquid. It does NOT contain DEG or DEHP.

Hangsen's E-Liquid Mix

The 2 main ingredients in Hangsens flavours are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) the only other ingredients are nicotine (except in 0mg of course!) and food grade flavourings. All of our standard Hangsen E-Liquid is a PG 80 / VG 20 mix. We believe this ratio gives the best combination of a good throat hit whilst still producing a nice amount of vapour. We also offer a Hangsen VG range which features a 30% PG / 70% VG mix.


The E-Liquid Bottle & Label

All our 20ml bottles are complete with blunt metal needle tips which make filling up clearomizers very easy, no other brand comes close!

All Hangsen E-Liquid bottles show the flavour clearly labled along with the nicotine strength in milligrams (mg).

  • White Cap = 0mg (No Nicotine)
  • Green Cap = 6mg
  • Blue Cap = 12mg
  • Orange Cap = 18mg
  • Yellow Cap = 24mg

You will notice that some E-Liquids differ in colour, this is due to the different flavourings used in each E-Liquid, some flavours appear almost clear whilst some will be very dark coloured. E-Liquid will also darken over time due to "steeping" which is completley normal.

The cap colour on each bottle can also be used as a visual reference to strengths.

For our range of Hangsen flavours the following cap colours are used.

All bottles contain the production date, expiry date, safety warnings and storage instructions. Our labels are CLP compliant and include the tactile warning triangles.

Choosing Your Flavour

Hangsen offer a very wide and varied range of flavours, if you have a favourite brand of Cigarettes or rolling Tobacco then chances are Hangsen have a flavour that is very similiar in taste.

Please look at http://www.eliquidworld.co.uk/Eliquid-Flavour-Guide for further details on which flavours are closest in taste to your favourite brand.