How To Use Your E-Cig

Setting Up

If you have purchased a starter kit, you will have received a battery, USB charger cable and a clearomizer tank. Most batteries will already come with a partial charge so you can use them straight away without charging them first.

Take your battery and press the button once, if the button lights up then the battery is “unlocked” if there is no response then the battery is most likely “locked” to unlock the battery for use simply click the button 5 times very quickly (5 clicks within 3 seconds) the button will then flash to show it has been unlocked. To lock the battery simply repeat the 5 clicks. It is recommended to lock the battery whenever it will not be used for a period of time or if it’s being carried in a bag or pocket.

The next step is to fill your clearomizer tank with E-Liquid. The actual method for filling your clearomizer will vary depending on the type and model. Below we will explain 2 methods therefore please follow the guide for your type of clearomizer.

Filling a CE4 Clearomizer

Unscrew the mouthpiece end of the clearomizer and pour the E-Liquid into the chamber ensuring that you avoid the centre air tube. Fill it to just under the 1.6ml line. When filling correctly you should be able to see the E-Liquid entering and filling up inside the clearomizer. Replace the mouthpiece and allow a few minutes for the liquid to be absorbed into the wicks.

Filling a Kanger EVOD 2

Unscrew the base of your EVOD, the base will already have a coil head installed but its worthwhile checking that the coil is nice and tightly screwed into the base. Place the base to one side and the take the main part of the EVOD and turn it upside so the mouthpiece is pointing at the floor. Next take your E-Liquid and pour it into the EVOD ensuring that you avoid the centre air tube. Fill it approximately 3 quarters of the way up making sure the liquid level is still below the air tube then take the base and screw it back onto the EVOD body ensuring that the coil enters the air tube and the base is securely tightened. You can now turn the EVOD 2 back upright and allow a few minutes for the E-Liquid to be absorbed into the coil.

Ready to Vape! 

When you have filled your clearomizer, it’s now time to screw the clearomizer onto your battery being careful not to overtighten it. With your clearomizer attached and battery in the unlocked mode you can now place the mouthpiece into your mouth and then press and hold the button for a few seconds whilst inhaling exactly the same as you would when having a puff on a cigarette. The longer you hold the button the bigger the puff will be.


When your battery needs charging the button LED will usually flash constantly when pressed. Take your USB charger and connect it to a USB port, if using a mains plug adaptor that wasn’t purchased from ourselves please ensure that it is safe to use (iPhone type plugs must NOT be used to charge E-Cig batteries). When the charger is connected without the battery attached the LED on the charger should be green (there may also be a LED on the mains plug adaptor but this will usually remain red)

Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery and then screw the battery gently onto the charger until the LED turns from green to red. The LED will then remain red whilst the battery is charging. You may notice the LED flicker green for a brief second before going back red during the charging duration, this completely normal behaviour as it’s the way the charger checks the battery voltage to see if the battery is fully charged. When the LED turns solid green the battery will be fully charged and it should be removed from the charger.

Please take a moment to read our E-Cig & E-Liquid safety information for information on how to charge and handle your battery safely.


Useful Info

All clearomizers and tanks use wicks and coils which will wear out and need to be replaced regularly.
CE4 clearomizers are a disposable item as they have no replaceable parts. Other type of tanks such as EVOD 2, Innokin iClear 16 and Aspire ET-S etc are classed as re-buildable so you will just need to replace the coils when needed. In the long run re-buildable tanks are more cost effective.

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