Do You Vape 24mg?

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Tobacco Directive 2016 - Article 20


We would like to advise all customers who vape 24mg E-Liquids that as things currently stand, as of May 2016 the strongest strength allowed by UK law will be 20mg. This is due to the Tobacco Directive which is comes into force in May 2016 and will also impose other restrictions on electronic cigarette products, details of which have yet to be fully clarified. 

Article 20 of the Tobacco Directive is currently being challenged in court as E-Cigs & E-Liquids are not truly Tobacco products but a final decision is not expected until early 2016.

With this in mind we will now not be restocking any non-tobacco flavoured 24mg strength E-Liquid once our current stocks have sold out. Should the legal challenge fail and the Tobacco Directive enforced with it's current proposed restrictions, then this measure will be applied to ALL E-Liquids sold on E-Liquid World from February 2016. 18mg will then become the highest strength we will stock from May 2016 onwards.

Should any customer want to stock up on 24mg prior to May 2016, please contact us by email with the subject '24mg' and put a note on how many bottles & flavours you would like to order.

Should there be any changes to this information we will update you as soon as possible.

The full document can be found here: - Article 20 can be found on pages 25 to 29

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