50% Off All Hangsen 20ml E-Liquids

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50% OFF ALL 20ML HANGSEN E-LIQUIDS - when you spend £40 or more


Simply use coupon code TPD at the checkout!


What is the TPD?

Just incase news of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) and how it affects vaping as somehow passed you by up til now, here’s the 2 main things you need to know.

  • From 20th May 2017, 10ml bottles will be the maximum size allowed to be sold in the UK for E-Liquids which contain Nicotine.
  • From 20th May 2017 the largest tank / clearomizer capacity that can be sold within the UK is 2ml.  Therefore tanks like the Kanger Subtank Plus & original Aspire Nautilus will no longer be allowed to be sold.


What this means

Due to added costs of making E-Liquids compliant with the TPD, Hangsen have essentially streamlined their range of flavours available to the UK market, meaning that many flavours we currently sell will not be available after 20th May 2017.

Flavours that are still available to the UK market will only be available in 10ml bottles after 20th May 2017.

Here’s a few tips

If your usual strength is showing out stock, remember that you can mix E-Liquids and dilute Nicotine strengths down by mixing with a lower strength or 0mg E-Liquid. Example to create a 3mg E-Liquid mix a 6mg & 0mg evenly. To create a 12mg a 18mg could be mixed with a 6mg evenly.

This offer will run until 19th May 2017 so whilst there’s still almost 7 weeks to take advantage of this deal once 20ml stocks are gone they are gone forever.