Riot Salt

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Riot Salts Blue Burst E-Liquid

Riot Salts Blue Burst E-LiquidThis icy blue raspberry slush, with a menthol explosion sets your senses alight.The RIOT SQUAD SALT range is built on hybrid ..


Riot Salts Bubble Gun E-Liquid

Riot Salts Bubble Gun E-LiquidChew yourself into screwball happiness with this blue bubblegum, doused with a final pow of minty menthol.The RIOT SQUAD SALT..


Riot Salts Cherry Fizzle E-Liquid

Riot Salts Cherry Fizzle E-LiquidFeel the fizz with this deep cherry vape, its sweet then sour on your taste budsThe RIOT SQUAD SALT range is built on hybr..


Riot Salts Exotic Fruit Explosion E-Liquid

Riot Salts Exotic Fruit Explosion E-LiquidTropical fruit and passion fruit, an exotic punch that will make you forget the anarchy of life.The RIOT SQUAD SA..


Riot Salts Pink Grenade E-Liquid

Riot Salts Pink Grenade E-LiquidPrepare to get in a fizz as this weapon is charged up with lemon and explosive strawberry lemonade.The RIOT SQUAD SALT rang..


Riot Salts Pure Minted E-Liquid

Riot Salts Pure Minted E-LiquidRefreshing peppermint and menthol with a slightly fruity edgeThe RIOT SQUAD SALT range is built on hybrid nicotine, this is ..


Riot Salts Sub Lime E-Liquid

Riot Salts Sub Lime E-LiquidSweet acidic lime and lemon, that will mess up your senses and leave you with a sour aftertasteThe RIOT SQUAD SALT range is bui..


Riot Salts Tropical Fury E-Liquid

Riot Salts Tropical Fury E-LiquidA powerful mix of bashed tropical fruit combined with a tangy orange with a sparkly, cool aftertaste.The RIOT SQUAD S..


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